About us

Utelisys, a provider of data and telecom services in the Benelux region. Utelisys supplies data communications where it’s needed most and provides connections to the Internet. Utelisys focuses on these services at schools, businesses, student housing, institutions and other service providers.

Our goal is to tailor advanced managed services at competitive rates. Our rates often lead to our customers saving on average 30-70%. This successful formula has proven itself and is reflected in a growing portfolio of satisfied customers.

Utelisys distinguishes itself in several areas:

  • No-nonsense culture: Dealing with Utelisys means a fast and flexible service.
  • Customer is king: Utelisys working closely with you. We have no standard package of services that is offered uniformly to everyone, but a custom package, under the motto "where others fail, we pick it up".
  • Customer Service: No hours of waiting time in case of issues or questions. Our employees, who you know personally, are ready to help you immediately.
  • A team of motivated professionals: The quality of each supplier in the telecom market is related to its people. We have a team of dedicated professionals with years of experience in designing, building and managing networks, open source software and the internet.
  • Technology and provider independent: Communication technology in general includes many specific areas ranging from access technologies (xDSL, fiber, wireless), spam, security, e-mail, IPTV, OTT, transcoding, VoIP and more. Utelisys integrates all these areas in to a single solution. We do this in a transparent manner so that you have a guiding role when it comes to your data communications solution.