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+ The Internet connection

What Internet connection are we subscribed to?
Utelisys connects to Campus Diagonal Besòs via optic fiber and provides a 1.000/1.000 Mbps Internet connection in each room via Ethernet. Additionally there is a personal WiFi network for all residents in the campus.

How do I connect to the Internet?
You can connect your laptop, computer or any other device directly to the WiFi using the password on the manual in your room. Do not share this password as it is bound to your room. You can also connect your computer or laptop to the wall socket using a standard network cable of category 5E or higher.

I can't connect to the Internet?
Mostly the default settings will work fine. In case you run into problems you can remove or forget the WiFi network and try again. In case the problems persist, check if your equipment uses 'DHCP' or 'Obtain IP-address automaticly'. Any other configurations and virtual networks such as VPN should be temporarily disabled during testing.

Do I need to bring or purchase equipment?
You do not need to bring or purchase any personal equipment, there is equipment for a WiFi and wired connection.