Watching TV

How can I watch TV on the campus?
To watch TV you can either use a Mediabox or use the OTT web portal The Mediabox must be connected via HDMI to a TV set.

I get the message that the content is not available
The TV content can only be viewed on the Campus Diemen Zuid network. In case you connect via 3G/4G connection, the public WiFi connection or use a VPN account the content cannot be viewed.

The TV does not play on the web portal
In case you experience issues with the web portal, send us a message and report what type of device you are using, what browser(version) and how you are connected. In general most devices with a browser support viewing TV on the web portal.

Using the Mediabox

Returning the Mediabox, how to reset it?
Press the settings button on the remote control, navigate to 'other' and choose 'more settings'. In this menu browse to the 'reset' tab and follow the steps to reset it to default settings and wipe any personal data. You can now safely return the box.

How do I set up the Mediabox?
It's recommended to follow the quick-setup part in the online manual which you can download here.

The TV is showing a still picture
Re-start the TV stream by flipping the channel back and forth.

The TV option is not shown in the menu
There is no connection to the server, press settings on the remote, go to Ethernet and make sure it's enabled. If Ethernet is enabled, reboot the box by unplugging the power and plugging it back in. If this does not solve the problems, reach out to our support team for further troubleshooting.

During TV playback the stream stops every few seconds and/or fast forwards
Press the home button, go to settings, display and disable HDMI auto detection. Set the HDMI output mode to either 1080p 50Hz or 720p 50Hz.

The video and sound are not in sync
Most likely this is caused by the wrong settings for HDMI auto detection. Follow the steps above to set it manually to the correct settings.

I want to make some changes to the settings, what is the password?
The password is 13579. Please note that changing the settings can affect the quality of watching TV and is not officially supported.

Can I install other apps or addons?
Yes. Feel free to install any app you prefer. Do note that this is not officially supported as we cannot control third party applications. To use the android play store log in first with a Google account.

I can't find the Netflix app?
The Netflix app is available on the Netflix website, you can download the app and follow installation instructions for Android:

Some of the EPG data is missing?
For some channels there is no EPG data available, therefore it is not shown in the guide on the mediabox.

Using the Internet

Returning the TP-Link router to the Hospitality desk, how to reset it
Press and hold the WPS/Reset button on the back of the router while it's powered on. After 10 seconds the lights on the front of the router will go off and on, wait 60 seconds for the router to fully reboot. Any personal settings and passwords are now removed and you can safely return the router.

What Internet connection are we subscribed to?
Utelisys connects to Campus Diemen Zuid via optic fiber and provides a 100/100 Mbps Internet connection in each room via Ethernet.

How do I connect to the Internet?
You can connect your laptop, computer or any other device directly to the wall socket using a standard network cable of category 5E or higher. There is no need for a modem.

Is WiFi supported?
To use a WiFi connection you can connect a wireless router rather than your computer or laptop. Make sure to use a wireless router and do not connect a modem, wifi access point, switch or other device directly to the wall outlet.

What router is recommended?
The best results are achievable via a wireless router that operates in both frequency ranges of 2.4 and 5 Ghz. These are known as Dual-Band routers. To use both frequency ranges make sure your personal devices such as laptops and phones can connect on this frequency. Do note that not all models are DFS certified which provides the best results, electronic stores can provide you more information about this.

What are the correct settings to connect to the Internet?
Mostly the default settings will work fine. In case you run into problems, check if your equipment uses 'DHCP' or 'Obtain IP-address automaticly'.

I can only connect one or two devices to the Internet over WiFi
Check if your router is connected with the 'WAN' or 'Internet' connection to the wall socket. Make sure the router is not configured as access point.

My Playstation cannot connect to friends
Contact our support team for further support.