Converged Networking

Our networks allow multiple other platform's network to be converged into a single network reducing operational and capital expenses of owning multiple networks. Several other platforms can be converged into our networks. Beside the list below almost every other type of network can make use of the same network. Some of the appliances are powered as well by the network reducing costs of installation and power provisioning.

  • Security Camera's
  • Climate Control
  • Intercom
  • Electronic Door Lock
  • Information Displays
  • Public WiFi
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Home Automation
  • Light Control
  • Energy Monitoring
  • Big Data Collection
  • Property Management Systems

Besides converging multiple networks we offer a variety of integration services to connect multiple platforms with our networks and services on a higher level. Using API's and custom code we can integrate with almost every platform and gain increased synergy.