Managed Wireless Internet

As more and more devices become more compact they gain mobility and require wireless connections to maintain that mobility. Wireless Internet is commonplace these years but is getting struck by interference from the overcrowded wireless spectrum.

Our managed wireless Internet solutions provide a reliable, fast and secure connection for all devices used in business environments. Reliable wireless network connectivity is key in flexible office environments.

Our wireless solutions offer great performance and can provide a solid cost reduction compared to wiring up an entire office building with the wireless connectivity as a bonus.

Enterprise Class wireless network

We work with the most renowned organisations such as Ruckus and Cisco to create the best wireless networks available. Using the latest standards such as AC-Wireless connectivity and high grade durable materials the WiFi network will outperform compared to regular WiFi networks.

Problems such as sticky clients, not responding access points and dropped connections are no longer a problem with features such as seamless roaming and central management.

Wireless Expertise

Investing in wireless networks requires expertise on many area's of planning, scaling, fiber backhaul and financial aspects. To prevent budget overruns or poor connectivity it is required to carefully design the entire network from fiber backhaul to the client device. We provide the expertise in both the operational and technical field and guide you through the process of acquiring and deploying a state of the art wireless network.

User Management

Our wireless solutions provide extensive features for user management and result in a secure and user friendly environment. We integrate with various existing authentication platforms or provide a stand-alone wireless authentication system.