Some questions are frequently asked at our support desk. This is a short list of tips on what to do and what not to do based on that list of frequently asked questions. Follow up on these tips and your Internet connection will stay up and running in perfect condition. These tips are to be applied to all connections via a wall outlet for a network cable. For xDSL and WiFi-users some of these tips are not applicable but in general most of them are.


  • Keep all your equipment up-to-date.
  • Install a virus scanner and update it regularly.
  • Use a wireless router in case you want to connect via WiFi.
  • If you don't connect via a router, use the 'Public Network' settings for your Internet connection in Windows.
  • Make sure your security of your wireless network is OK, you are responsible for misbehavior of your Internet connection.
  • In case you experience any problems, disconnect any network equipment not provided by us and check your connection via a network cable and disable wifi. We can not provide support on non-Utelisys network equipment.
  • To contact support always use the contact details provided by the owner of the building or use the online support page.
  • In case you send us an e-mail provide sufficient information such as your contact details including phone number, room number and a clear description of the problem.
  • Some problems are simply solved by rebooting your equipment. Routers can be rebooted by pulling the power cord for five seconds. If you have a xDSL modem do not press the reset button.


  • Don’t connect switches, use a wireless router instead.
  • Don’t connect ‘Wifi Amplifiers’ or ‘-repeaters’, use a wireless router instead.
  • Don’t connect Wireless Accesspoints, use a wireless router instead.
  • Don’t connect a router the other way around. Only use the ‘WAN’ or ‘Internet’ port to connect to the wall outlet. These usually have a distinct color as well.
  • Don’t use a (DSL) Modem as a replacement for a wireless router unless it has an extra 'WAN' port.
  • Don’t connect via a wireless and wired network at the same time. Always use only a wired or only wireless connection to prevent loops.