Intgrated Streaming Server

We offer an end-to-end Live Streaming service. This includes the use of our integrated streaming server. After video processing, encoding into various bitrates and resolutions, we encapsulate to stream your content to your subscribers.

To do so we use the world industry standards such as HTTP Live Streaming and MPEG-Dash. These standards provide an adaptive bitrate using multiple quality profiles to adapt to increasing and decreasing bandwidth availability.

These standards allow you to serve your content over almost any type of network to your subscribers worldwide whether they use a wired or fiber connection, 4G, 3G or WiFi wireless network.

As a file-based live streaming platform this instantly scales as easy as regular HTTP traffic and requires no configuration at the end user's network. In combination with our CDN the file based live streaming protocols instantly scales to maximum efficiency allowing an audience of millions of viewers worldwide enjoy your content.

Currently the industry standard HLS and MPEG-Dash are supported by all major brands for playback devices and browsers including Android, iOS, Windows (Mobile), various Smart TV Platforms, game consoles etc.


Quick Start

Our CDN and Media Server use advanced solid state caching mechanisms with ultra low response times to provide the lowest possible load time on file requests from the viewers player. Having multiple PoP's distributed around the globe there is always a node close to the viewer reducing distance and thus waiting time as much as possible.


To get the most out of adaptive bitrate live streaming protocols it's required to perfectly allign all streams of different quality levels together. Our platform constantly checks the allignment of all streams ensuring a quality level switch happens with close to no visible effects for the end user.