Cloud Based Live Streaming Platform

Utelisys' cloud based Live Streaming Platform provides you all the tools to broadcast your video stream Over The Top worldwide to any screen. Our platform perfectly suits the needs of both small and large Broadcasters, and offers the following unique features for content delivery and monetization.


Integrated Streaming Media Server
Our high quality Content Delivery system takes your content and reliably delivers it to any device in the world. Our outputs are focused at the main industry standards and deliver to any screen. The delivery suit can be used either in the cloud or as a standalone platform. With all the features you need embedded in our platform it forms an end-to-end solution to deliver your content to your subscribers. Read more...

feature vr

The best viewing experience virtually puts your audience as if they were actually there. We now offer 4K live VR for OTT broadcasting live events. With 360 degree virtual reality support your subscribers can experience a live event in the best way. Take a look on DJ Hardwell's live stream from Miami Beach. Read more...

quickstart feature

Nobody likes waiting, fast loading of the video streams and fast zapping between content is vital for an immersive experience. Our solution uses enhanced streaming technology for fast switching between video streams, as fast or even faster than your home TV. Read More...

Smooth switching feature

Our content delivery system monitors the client devices' bandwidth and playback capabilities. The video stream seamlessly switches between multiple quality profiles in real time. Even quite large hits on the available bandwidth resources will seamlessly be covered without any hits in the viewing experience of the end user. Read more...

feature cdn

Our globally distributed CDN will deliver your content to any number of users world wide with high availability and performance. Our solution is end-to-end giving you the full 100% control over the distribution and monetization of your content.

feature drm content protection

Prevent unauthorized access and distribution of your content with one of our industry recognized DRM solutions such as Verimatrix Play Ready and many others. You control who has access to your content and from what geographical location. Our solutions are endorsed by all the major studios allowing you to protect and monetize your content to any location and on any device.  

Dealing with complicated code for web integration? We provide you the code so you can easily add your streaming services to your website. In HTML-5. No need to hire expensive programmers to set everything up, just copy and paste. Read more...

feature restfull api

With our set of RESTful API’s we easily integrate into any application. Our API including comprehensive documentation is available to developers and integrates with multiple programming languages. The API’s can be used for not only creating streams but on the fly adjustments of multiple quality parameters for transcoding including audio, resize, bitrate and more. Using our API's you can automate your transcoding and content delivery tasks further and use our platform whitelabeled as an extra service to your customers. Read more...