Internet Services

Having access to the Internet is key for every student, Utelisys specializes in delivering high grade Internet connections to students using fiber and hybrid fiber + copper networks. These networks are customer tailored solutions to perfectly match every single usecase.

Fiber to the Home

Fiber to the Home networks are yet not faster than Hybrid networks but do offer extra's compared to the Hybrid networks. As fiber is known for it's extremely high durability it has an estimated life span of over a hundred years. This makes a Fiber to the Home network more suitable for long term projects as passive infrastructure upgrades are no longer required.

As fiber optic cabling is more compact and runs over longer distances the network is mainly passive requiring less space and cooling and has lower requirements for cable ducts. This results in lower investments and higher residual value after the project life span.

Hybrid Network Solutions

Our Hybrid fiber + copper networks consist of a central fiber uplink to our datacenters and a copper ethernet infrastructure inside the building. This network enables user access speeds up to 1.000 Mbps or with a future upgrade speeds to 10.000 Mbps. These Internet connections are supplied ready-to-go without any configuration to be done by the user.

The Hybrid Network Solutions are designed to fit high-density housing projects such as student campusses and apartment buildings. The modern architecture offers symmetric speeds beneficial to using cloud services.